Hiding Under the Frosty Icing of Snow

1.6.22 … Going for a hike. Do you like the snow? How do you see the winter wonder - a smooth white blanket of tranquility? A frigid harbinger of icy death!? Nine days after Christmas, our little corner of America received 4 to 10 inches of frozenness. Though our abode kept electricity, many did not.... Continue Reading →

Stupid Rocks? Maybe Not

We went outdoors this weekend. Did our best on the social distancing thingamajig. So we went to CrabTree Meadows upper parking and walked the casual stroll to the head of the Falls. My wife had never been there and she wanted to get outside. On the 2 miles of trails, we met only 2 parties... Continue Reading →

Got Outside – Guest Blog

Wide open spaces. Fresh air. Few people. Some articles say it is the lowest vulnerable activity if social distancing practiced. So today, I give a blog from another page. Here is a teaser... Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will identify... Continue Reading →

Let the Donkeys Pass On By

Awhile back, I was hiking the Grand Canyon with my son. It was one of the more popular trails - with scores of people going both ways, descending and ascending. There were a few spots on the trail that had water and shelters. But mostly, this trail was a collection of cutbacks and popular spots... Continue Reading →

Jump Rock Trail Highlights

It started in the dark, early hours of the morning. I headed out towards Goshen Natural Preserve. A trail called Jump Rock. But the beauty hit me even before I got there. Once off I-64, I traveled the back roads. Splendid farms, rolling hills, cows, and the sun breaking over the mountain tops. Then I... Continue Reading →

Jump Rock Trail, VA

Headed out real early. Sunrise from a mountain road near Buena Vista. Breakfast at Waffle House (might stop on way back too to replenish carbs). I am excited - for me it is a new trail, new part of the state, and new park - Goshen Little North Mountain. Pics will surface tomorrow ... The... Continue Reading →

Hike Naked Day … really?

I think I will stay off the trails today. Apparently, it is an Appalachian Trail tradition that on the day of Summer Solstice, many will attempt getting back to ... well, nature ... the way you came into this world. Not specific to the AT, this tradition seems a bit extreme. And in a day... Continue Reading →

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