Stupid Rocks? Maybe Not

We went outdoors this weekend. Did our best on the social distancing thingamajig. So we went to CrabTree Meadows upper parking and walked the casual stroll to the head of the Falls.

My wife had never been there and she wanted to get outside. On the 2 miles of trails, we met only 2 parties and one dog. All pretty good . Though the overlook was way beyond governmental suggestions for crowd size. Shiver. So, we took her photos and got out of there.

We did meet a lot of Jeeps and one Camry on the very rocky, very bumpy, and very fun fire trail up to and down from the parking spot. The Camry was not very smart.

But my beloved is not the experienced hiker. And like me, she has to be very careful where she steps. Me, I look but am used to the bumps, side steps, slips, and even occasional fall. But she said she couldn’t really enjoy the hike for she was fearful of falling. The city girl likes her paved pathways.

So I asked her to give five words to describe the rocks. Dangerous. Distractions. Annoyances … You get the drift. Nothing good to say about those rocks. This is why I avoid asking her to describe “me” in five words.

So I tried to change her point of view. I challenged her to see them as essential and with splendor.

The rocks were part of the trail. Some were there as watersheds – directing water off the trail down hill. They were there to keep the soil from washing away. And even give footings in time of a muddy trail. Some of the rocks were placed there intentionally and we needed to appreciate the skill that went into the designs and upkeep of the trail. The USFS (United States Forest Service) even has guidelines about use of rocks.

This is Turk Mountain off Skyline Sr

I also challenged her to see the variety and often beauty in the rocks. The colors, strata and history behind them. These rocks had been here long before us and will be here long after as well.

At first, I thought she was going to pick up a rock and throw it at me. But we kept talking and we discussed the spiritual lesson behind all we were discussing (ever the preacher.)

Problems, and even problem people, come into our journey. We often see them as distractions, annoyances, even dangerous. But maybe God puts them there to test us, train us, grow us, and cause us to remain vigilant. Ever watching out for the ‘rocks’ will help us avoid slipping on them.

But don’t let vigilance be the reason you miss the splendor that is all around. The ‘rocks’ often push us to stop and view the wonder of God’s creation.

What ‘rocks’ are you complaining about? Maybe you can look at it a little different.

Stupid rocks? Maybe not.






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