Road Trip ‘21 – Day One

Lessons I Learned in the past 24 hours - Be Flexible … Be Alert … Humor … Hiking … Hollowness These insights are longer than normal. I normally would break these down to multiple days, but so much has happened in the past 36 hours, I just want to get it down. Read one section,... Continue Reading →

Lessons From Hawkeye

He was a comedic hero in the middle of a war where the atrocities and the ugliness of what man could do to each other was seen constantly. He was a caring soul but also quick to throw verbal punches. He cared little for authority and showed a bare minimum (if any) of decorum to... Continue Reading →

Stupid Rocks? Maybe Not

We went outdoors this weekend. Did our best on the social distancing thingamajig. So we went to CrabTree Meadows upper parking and walked the casual stroll to the head of the Falls. My wife had never been there and she wanted to get outside. On the 2 miles of trails, we met only 2 parties... Continue Reading →

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