The Wheels on the Bus

A Birthday Post … with a twist.

Maybe I should’ve titled this post “The Circle of Life” for that’s what I’m feeling. Either way, it’s all going round-n-round-n-round.

Thirty-One years ago, my wife was taken to the hospital. A parasitic life form had been growing inside her and was beginning to want its way out of her body. She wanted it out too. It was not an uncommon event. Billions of others had gone through a similar process. In the end, my wife pushed a huge headed, screaming lungs, life form out of her body. And the parasite no longer was living off her. And then, he began to be a parasitic life form living off my bank account.

He grew. Learned to eat. Learn to walk. Learned to ride a Razor. Learned to drive. Learned to tug the deepest feelings of love from his parents. He has grown into a noble young man.

As he grew, he met a woman. A beautiful woman that seduced him, stole his attention from his life giving mother … and then she took him away from his mother. Oh, the crime of humanity. And now, 31 years later, the parasitic life form has created his own parasitic life form growing inside the woman he met. Ah, the circle of life.

In about 5 to 6 weeks, that parasitic life form will want its way out of her … and the wheels on the bus (of life) go round and round.

What can we say about our kids?

  • I think kids are God’s way to school us. We learn so much about life from being a parent.
  • Kids deepen our prayer life. I can’t remember being so dependent on God as have been since I have became a parent.
  • Insanity is hereditary. We get it from our kids.
  • Kids teach us a depth and dimension of love we never knew before. Ok … puppies, kittens, sports … deep stuff. But our kids! Oh the love.
  • Kids teach us patience. They teach us to watch our mouth. They teach us to see the world differently.
  • And when we see our flaws reproduced in them … ouch.

So today … my son … on your 31st birthday, I hope your parasite brings you as much joy as you brought me.





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