Once Upon a Time (The Great Adventure: part 1)

Once upon a time

Those four word seem to be very popular. The little opening statement has been used with so many stories – tales that are dear to little children everywhere, and older children like me too. It begins stories of princesses being rescued, of witches being defeated, of dragons roaming the skies, of adventures and quests and happily ever afters.

But this story isn’t about a time long ago, or a land far away. The ending isn’t written for this tale. For the events are happening right here and right now. And, the events are happening all over the world. This story is about a young teen that appears in the most unusual places and times. You might have seen him at your school, sitting next to you in class. He has been seen walking the streets of NYC, dancing with joy from the music streaming through his AirPods. Maybe you’ve seen him praying at Notre-Dame de Paris or riding a camel near the Pyramids in Egypt. Or, he might be visiting a lonely person right down the street from where you live. The weird part is, while you are seeing him nearby, he may also be on the other side of the world with someone else. It’s almost like magic, or maybe it is magic.

Photo by Murat u015eahin on Pexels.com

He has a mission, a purpose in life. He’s been given an assignment. Now we don’t know exactly what this assignment is, or who gave him this task; but it seems to be very important. So join me in this adventure as we find out more about this young boy and the adventure he is on. And maybe, just maybe, we will learn something about ourselves too.

Once upon a time … the adventure begins.

Writer’s Note: Over the next several months, I will be creating a story. It is not one planted in the past, or developed from land of make believe, but a story that is taking place right here and right now. This modern day fairy is leading somewhere. Sections will appear randomly on this website, so stay tuned. Today – just the teaser.





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