The Preacher Wouldn’t Shut Up

Have you ever wished your had a remote control during church worship? Maybe rewind after a moving praise song … pause during the sermon to ponder the point from the Word a little deeper … press mute on the sermon for he seems to go on and on … or just fast forward to the end? Maybe you would just like to record the service so you can watch it after the football game – after all, that’s more important (I just said that to get a point across.)

This morning, I ventured into the cold white snow covered wasteland. I felt and heard the crusty ice crack beneath my Merrell clad feet to the soft powdery mix under the icy shell. I used my Black Diamond trekking poles as I crossed the barren ice to visit the stranded elderly couple trapped inside their lone abode – far from civilization.

Okay, in reality, I just crossed the street to see how my friends and neighbors were doing – they have been stuck inside for quite awhile. But it is cold. The snow had an icy crust. And, I used my Merrells and my trekking poles.

Now here is where it gets a little personal. While there, they shared they were having FaceBook issues, especially in regard to the church’s live stream. For some reason, when they are watching the stream, they couldn’t pause it, they couldn’t stop it, they couldn’t turn me off. Imagine that, a parishioner that wants to turn my preaching off. I’m aghast. They had to completely shut down the device, reboot, and turn the stream back on again. Only after the stop and the restart could the stream be used like it was supposed to be.

Stopping and rebooting – that’s kind of like a fast. To ‘Fast’ is to turn something off – do without it. It’s more than a pause, it should be a complete shut down for a specific period of time so that one can focus on something for spiritual reasons.

It’s like using a remote control to stop something worldly to emphasize the spiritual. It can strengthen one’s body, soul and spirit.

My son’s and DIL’s church encourages a 21-Day fast at the beginning of the year. They have specifically chosen to fast from social media and web distractions. Basically, they are turning off the MetaVerse. Their church states it this way …

Why Should I Fast? If there is something you’ve been praying for, working to overcome, or wisdom on, fasting is a perfect way to quiet all the noise and tune in to what God has to say?
The Bible is full of examples of the power of fasting and prayer. In Judges 20, after facing terrible defeat, the Israelites fasted and asked God for guidance ahead of their next battle—which they won! In Daniel 10, Daniel fasted before receiving a vision from God.
And in Matthew 4, before Jesus began His ministry, He fasted 40 days.

GateWay Church

Is there something the Lord is leading you to yield to Him? To stop, give up or remove from your life? Are there things that just keep on going even when you want to stop it? Maybe a fast is what God is leading you to do. Stop, turn off, reboot to a fresh start in the power of Christ.

Is that what you need in 2022? Maybe just for 22 days?

Think about it. For now, this pastor is stopping. Well, at least until tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll share benefits of a media fast … of unplugging for a specific period of time. Join us tomorrow.





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