Sunday (1/16) Sneak Peek

The first peek into Sunday reveals one thing … SNOW. They are calling for between 1 and 287 inches, maybe, possibly, probably, ‘your guess is as good as mine’ type prediction. As always, Sunday worship will be on FaceBook Live … but this week, that may the only way to worship together. I’ll be there... Continue Reading →

Hiding Under the Frosty Icing of Snow

1.6.22 … Going for a hike. Do you like the snow? How do you see the winter wonder - a smooth white blanket of tranquility? A frigid harbinger of icy death!? Nine days after Christmas, our little corner of America received 4 to 10 inches of frozenness. Though our abode kept electricity, many did not.... Continue Reading →

Snow = Joy? Fear? Peace?

Three! Drei! Tres! Trzy! Hiru! Tatu! The great snow trifecta. As I type this, I am looking out our window seeing a light frosting of snow occur a solid layer of ice. It is the third weekend in a row that our part of the country is being hit with a wintery snow mix. I... Continue Reading →

Road Trip ‘20 … Day One (part B)

Chaos in Colorado! So Kansas finally yielded to Colorado, finally. I had been on the road for 23 hours. My first goal was Colorado Springs, a beautiful city at the foothills of the mountains. One of the highlights of the city are its red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods. This spectacle of... Continue Reading →

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