Road Trip ‘20 … Day Two, the Morning

Cold and Alone. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I checked and rechecked the weather ... upper 60s and clear ... not 25 and snow. But as the hotel worker said, Colorado weather is schizophrenic and you never know what to expect. I brought no cold gear, no beanie, and no base layer. So… Continue reading Road Trip ‘20 … Day Two, the Morning

Road Trip ‘20 … Day One (part B)

Chaos in Colorado! So Kansas finally yielded to Colorado, finally. I had been on the road for 23 hours. My first goal was Colorado Springs, a beautiful city at the foothills of the mountains. One of the highlights of the city are its red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods. This spectacle of… Continue reading Road Trip ‘20 … Day One (part B)