Road Trip ‘20 … Day One (part B)

Chaos in Colorado!

So Kansas finally yielded to Colorado, finally. I had been on the road for 23 hours. My first goal was Colorado Springs, a beautiful city at the foothills of the mountains.

One of the highlights of the city are its red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods. This spectacle of nature and magical landmark is one of the most photographed sites in the state. With a back drop of Pike’s Peak, the delightful views of 300 feet towering sandstone formations left me in awe.

Chaos #1 … But I barely made it to the site. Before the Garden of the Gods, I thought I was going to meet God face-to-face. I stopped at the REI and I had a car mechanical issue. When I was headed downhill towards a red light, the brakes started to give way. They slowed me but not quick enough. I thought I was going to slowly drift into a busy intersection. Prayer, crying out, prayer. And I stopped. Low fluid … greasy pads … driver’s mechanical curse. I survived. All is good now and no issue the rest of the trip. I credit the prayers.

Peg Leg came with me

But the day wasn’t over. Six more hours to the location I was headed to … a bed to call my own. The mountain roads were clear, the scenery was powerful, and the anticipation to my first stop kept me going. I stopped in Gunnison for dinner. Arby’s.

Chaos #2 … they were out of roast beef. That’s crazy. So I ordered turkey. But before I could eat it, I dropped half the sandwich on the car floor. Oh well, I had less then an hour to go. I wasn’t going to let it get to me.

Chaos #3 … I was getting close but the weather was going fight me. First, the clouds darkened quickly. Then the sun set leaving the roads dark. Some fog was setting in. And then … snow. Snow? They said high 60s. I brought no cold gear. But before that, I had to make it to Montrose. The mountain roads were steep. They wound tight with curves and sharp hairpins. Some moments in the storm left visibility to just the few feet in front of me. So again I resorted to … prayer.

Twenty minutes of intensity left me drained … especially after 31 total hours behind a wheel. I made it with energy enough to drag my bags upstairs and crash. My last thoughts before my brain shut down we’re what would I wear tomorrow to hike in the cold. But that would wait. Sleep won the discussion.

Lessons …

  • Even getting close to ones destination doesn’t mean troubles are over
  • God’s creation is amazing
  • Prayer is a good practice in any situation

Tomorrow … snow bites my bones, dog bites my knee, and I bite some authentic Mexican food in Cortez.





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