New Toys – Geek Heaven – or Nerd Sheol?

I’m not the biggest Geek. Oh, I can get myself around for most simple stuff. More Apple than PC but I have to play with both. So, when our church is finally updating the AV hardware – how fun! and how frightening.

We are getting a Roland switcher, three PTZ cameras, a new Allen & Heath console, and misc. paraphernalia that goes with it. Now this brings new opportunities, and new headaches.

Will it work with the coax we have run to the older building? Will it need a new computer to run something like OBS? And if we use OBS, what computer set up will we need? OBS has a learning curve – ouch. I just now got familiar with the iOs Studio Switcher – I will have to not only learn OBS but train others. And when it comes to the audio console – analog to digital, new formats, and more.

This doesn’t even include upgrading EasyWorship – which that I can already see new computer, new switcher/scaler, new tricks.

Have I lost most of y’all? I’ve lost myself.

But we do this. We go through all of this to enhance worship. To make online and in-house worship better for all participating. To provide the best available worship experience. With videos, streaming, mixed audios, online teaching, teleconferences, video communication with missionaries in the field, streaming conference and even watching conventions. This is where we are today.

In life, we continue to adapt, continue to learn, continue to grow. To stop means stagnation, becoming out of date, and eventually death.

Yesterday when caught in a snow storm, I used 4wd skills and tried to share with my wife so she might learn. If Covid did nothing, it showed us alternatives.

Let’s use the best choices and continue to learn to be better, smarter, more effective, and all we can be – especially for our Lord. I want our worships to be the best for everyone.

POST SCRIPT – taking suggestions for computer set up for OBS. DM if you have input.





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