PastorDude Podcast #9 – Worship in the Darkness

When life is easy, worship seems to just come natural. But what happens when life is hard, when times are difficult, and everything seems dark? Worship in the dark changes things. Click here to listen to this week's podcast - just under 6min. Or just click the graphic to open the media player to listen.

The Little Walnut

I was at the top of the world. I was hanging big in my domain, at the top of the highest tree. I wasn’t worried about pesky squirrels or other furry creatures getting to me. I was snuggled comfortably in my outer shell, a blanket of warmth and protection. But my blanket began to crack.... Continue Reading →

Who is this all about?

Warning. This is a political topic. Take heart. This is not a political rant. Stay with me. Tuesday, Attorney General Barr went before a House committee for a hearing. Both red and blue congressmen and congresswomen got their say in, and they all said a lot. Prewritten speeches, twisted questions, political slams, and direct innuendoes.... Continue Reading →

Promises We Hold On To

Prelude: a few weeks back we started to look at the Ascent Psalms. However, we stopped after 12 of the 15 Psalms. So today, we pick back up with the 13th, Psalm 132. So we are headed to worship. And these 15 Psalms prepare our hearts and minds for worship. And this is the longest,... Continue Reading →

Enemies at the Gate

The neighborhood was rough and crime in the area was real. So the church took safety precautions. During services, the doors would be shut and locked preventing any kind of entry. An usher would remain on the outside to observe and stand watch. But what happened next was not what you expect. Read the article... Continue Reading →

Worship … Taking In the Sights and Sounds

We are getting ready to open our doors for worship again. It’s been almost two months since we’ve been inside to worship together. Oh we’ve done the drive-ins, online, streaming .... but not together in the sanctuary. The Ascent Psalms are part of the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Torah gives several feasts, festivals, and fasts.... Continue Reading →

Pleasure vs Pest

This week I am looking at comparisons while in lockdown mode - yesterday was fear vs focus. There is a cute (?) YouTube clip out there of a little child eating ice cream. They’re laughing and then they flip - they give the Evil Eye look. Though the video is over 12 years old, and... Continue Reading →

Worship Where You Are

Keeping it simple this Friday. No matter where you are, you can worship God. Stuck in a flat alone - worship. In a country ranch with kids driving you crazy - sing praises. Quarantined in a retirement village - give thanks. In front of an empty sanctuary - extol His name. Walking in the woods... Continue Reading →

Purell, Paper Goods & Paranoia

A few years back, while in Dallas, there was a run on gasoline. Lines began to form - blocks long. Prices began to spike. And people began to panic. Now true, a slow moving storm was headed for Houston. And when it hit, it hit hard. but there was never going to be a real... Continue Reading →

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