Worship Where You Are

Keeping it simple this Friday. No matter where you are, you can worship God. Stuck in a flat alone - worship. In a country ranch with kids driving you crazy - sing praises. Quarantined in a retirement village - give thanks. In front of an empty sanctuary - extol His name. Walking in the woods… Continue reading Worship Where You Are

She’s a Brick House … Could this be the song for worship Sunday?

Stay with me ... three parts will come together. Part One ... my life, my wife. Do you have a song? A song that makes you think of your wife? I do. And it is the most popular, longest lasting hit of the Commodores ... Brick House. Before my church members get pitchforks to run… Continue reading She’s a Brick House … Could this be the song for worship Sunday?

What if ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rated your worship?

Movies. I love them. Action, Drama, SciFi, Classics, Dramatic Thrillers, Animated, and maybe even an occasional RomCom. Okay, RomComs only if my lovely wants to go. Since I came to rural VA, I have not gone to the cinema as much as I did in Dallas. But this weekend, I do want to see Midway.… Continue reading What if ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rated your worship?

52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders

Bad choices, poor planning, and simply not paying attention. The article listed 52. And I have probably done 50 of them. True, many were in the early stages of my hiking journey, but some have happened very recently. Most of these mistakes are common sense errors. Handling the water reservoir wrong ... so it will… Continue reading 52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders

What if Worship was an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms They're hip, chic, hot, groovy, lit, phat, a phenom, fly, fresh ... basically popular. (Choose whatever word fits your generation). You and a few friends get locked in a room that is themed to a particular time or place. You have a limited amount of time to search for clues that will enable… Continue reading What if Worship was an Escape Room?