52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders

Bad choices, poor planning, and simply not paying attention. The article listed 52. And I have probably done 50 of them. True, many were in the early stages of my hiking journey, but some have happened very recently. Most of these mistakes are common sense errors. Handling the water reservoir wrong ... so it will… Continue reading 52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders

What if Worship was an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms They're hip, chic, hot, groovy, lit, phat, a phenom, fly, fresh ... basically popular. (Choose whatever word fits your generation). You and a few friends get locked in a room that is themed to a particular time or place. You have a limited amount of time to search for clues that will enable… Continue reading What if Worship was an Escape Room?

Worship — A Lesson That Is Disgusting

Children's Message are my jam. I rock when hanging with my little peeps. And often, the big kids (aka adults ) get more out of that 5 minute message than they do out of my regular sermon. This Sunday was no different. A messed up cookie cup They gathered and I showed them up front… Continue reading Worship — A Lesson That Is Disgusting

A Story in Song … That Spans Eternity

Worship Wars ... this is a phenomenon that will not be settled this generation, nor any coming generation. The style and tempo and tunes of the music we use in worship are somethings we love to sit around and talk about (a nice way to say we demand our specific desires of song style.). I… Continue reading A Story in Song … That Spans Eternity

Paper Airplanes in Worship

Being a preacher's kid, church services as a kid were often ... underwhelming. It wasn't the worships themselves, it was the fact I was a kid that got easily distracted. Plus, I had to listen to that preacher all week long (not complaining dad, just saying). So I looked for things to keep my attention.… Continue reading Paper Airplanes in Worship

Styles & Expectations – Weekend WOW

Each weekend, I explore a little more of the WOW – ‘Woke on the Wonder’ of worship. This week it is a little on the different personalities of different churches. About 17 years ago, Gene Mims wrote a little book entitled The Seven Churches NOT In the Book of Revelation. While limited in its scope,… Continue reading Styles & Expectations – Weekend WOW