The Variety of Worship Expressions — All To Bless The Lord

The final psalm in this journey of songs. And it is a super powerful ending. Not just powerful, but super powerful. This psalmist has hit an emotional high that each of us should connect with.

The journey has been long. You’ve passed through treacherous places – dangerous by the surroundings as well as the sinister plots of people out to get you. Time, effort and much planning has been spent. You remember seeing the city from afar and reaching her gates that welcomed you in to worship. The splendor of the city and the Temple leaves one in awe. There are people all around, busyness, sounds of excitement, music lifted high. And now you’ve reached the destination – the Temple. The very dwelling place of a God.

Notice the steps. It was said the priests would sing the Ascent Psalms as they climbed the steps.

It’s all so … so … overwhelming. You want to really worship and praise.

But something happens. You look around and get distracted.

One person is on their knees sobbing. Another is dancing and singing with childish fervor. And there – that one is sitting like a statue with eyes locked upward. Over there, in the corner, is one totally prostrate with their face in the ground … mumbling. And those two up front, it’s like they’re swaying to the music together, hands high and wide. And can somebody control their kids, they’re annoying me.

It’s all so … so … distracting.

Here’s the lesson on worship. Stop looking around, just keep your eyes on the One whom you’re there to worship. And when you do look around, and most of us will, don’t see the various happenings as distractions. See them as individual displays of worship.

That’s right … not distractions, but displays of worship

The experience of worship may be humbling … taking you to your knees or even face down in brokenness over our sin and awareness of our need. Worship may cause us to raise our hands reaching for more, bestowing adoration. Or worship may be that quiet, still moment of peace that blocks out everything around us. And don’t forget the overwhelming joy when you think of His gifts of forgiveness, grace, and love … it makes you wanna, shout, kick my heels up and shout, raise my hands up and shout … you get the picture. These are all expressions of worship seen at various places in scripture.

Which one are you?

The posture and physical expressions of true worship do not distract from God’s glory, but display it.

Christopher Asmus

We are all in different places on our journey. We are all facing different circumstances and going through unique happenings. But what we do have in common is we’ve come to worship and we’re all in His presence. So rejoice in the variety of worship styles and expressions. Bless the Lord who is personal enough to be intimately involved with my life, yet big enough to be connected with every person globally at the exact same time.

Final word … if you get distracted in worship services by others expressing worship, you’ve got your eyes on the wrong thing.

Come, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord,
who stand by night in the house of the Lord!

Lift up your hands to the holy place
and bless the Lord!

May the Lord bless you from Zion,
he who made heaven and earth!





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