Road Trip A – Monday

Showers of Blessings …

I wrote yesterday about driving in the storm and making it to DFW at the deluge of the 1000 year storm (that happens about every 100 years they say – really? than what is the 100 year storm?). Here are a few pics I ripped from Dallas peep’s Twitter feed. they really don’t begin to give someone the feel of the intensity …

Nature has power – an intensity that reminds of of our mere weakness in its presence. Water can kill. Storms are dangerous. Tornadoes, hurricanes, Lightning storms are not to be taken lightly. In The Clash of the Titan, the words “Release the Kraken” brought dread. Nature in here power humbles mer humans. But I started think, should I fear the Kraken or really fear the one who made, who controls, the Kraken.

Know that our God, the One who loves me, who loves you – is more powerful. He moves mountains. He calms storms. He controls the winds. He walks on water. Fear Him … realize He can calm the storms but He can cause them too. Fire that destroys armies. Brimstone that levels cities. Words that blind and bind. In the end days, he return with an army – but the army is just there – His words, just His words, brings victory over the enemy.

Respect the God of Creation. Fear Him.

And at the same time … Love Him. For He also blesses.

This road trip – so far – the real shower of blessing was being with my son, my DIL, and Sammy (the grandkid who just stared at me like I was a stranger. And I am a stranger to him.) Here are some shots of that center of attention …

The only things better about these shots over outdoor shots … like trails, nature, etc… are these little one’s pictures are of someone that I will see so much more of in years to come. And I am sure that there will be lots of more photos of him. Unlike the other events, which do produce glorious pictures of awe standing before the grand Arches, of the breath taking images of bisons near me in Yellowstone, of geysers, canyons, waterfalls, and mountain tops. I love those adventures and I love the pics that bring back those memories. But I often do these spots knowing I will never return to the locations.

This got me thinking …

As wonderful as the pictures are, it is not the pictures that make the moment. Sometimes, we need to put down our cameras, breath in the moment, grasp the preciousness of a natural wonder; or as yesterday offered, grasp the tenderness, the intimacy, the wonderfulness, the very gift of being with someone, holding the child. Looking him in the eyes and not worrying about a ‘good’ shot for instagram but about the fact I am holding a creation of God – a creation with an eternal soul – a creation formed by Him.

Carpe diem – seize the day – live in the moment – take in the times.

Road trips sometimes jar us back to this. They get us from the routine and make us think.

Technology can be distraction from personal interaction. So put down the phone and just talk. Maybe use the phone – to talk, not text. Even better, FaceTime.

I don’t know. maybe the lack of sleep is getting to me. These thoughts seem scattered. But some days are like that.

Side note: I am calling this Road Trip A because I hope to visit The Badlands next month – Road Trip 2022B





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