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  • Silent – for a reason

    Silent – for a reason

    I haven’t died. I wasn’t kidnapped. I didn’t disappear on a hike never to be found. Don’t need a milk cartoon. No silver alert or amber alert (is there an alert for a lost mind?) So what’s up? It’s been a week or so since anything hasn’t been posted by me. To be honest, I…

  • Road Trip A – Monday

    Road Trip A – Monday

    Showers of Blessings … I wrote yesterday about driving in the storm and making it to DFW at the deluge of the 1000 year storm (that happens about every 100 years they say – really? than what is the 100 year storm?). Here are a few pics I ripped from Dallas peep’s Twitter feed. they…

  • Sneak Peek (April 3, 2022)

    Sneak Peek (April 3, 2022)

    That’s right. Sunday Worship is almost here!! I’m so excited. This week we begin to wrap up Fishers of Men series and phase into Easter’s His Love is Greater. Join us Live in person at 11am, or online through Facebook Live (Yes, it’s back up!) We will be looking at John 3:16 – the summation…