Silent – for a reason

I haven’t died. I wasn’t kidnapped. I didn’t disappear on a hike never to be found. Don’t need a milk cartoon. No silver alert or amber alert (is there an alert for a lost mind?) So what’s up?

It’s been a week or so since anything hasn’t been posted by me. To be honest, I have lots to say but the topics that are rattling around my brain are some that have already been covered – ad nauseam – by so many others …

  • Asbury
  • Covid
  • Ukraine/Russia War
  • Southern Baptist Happenings
  • Political Hot Topics
  • Weird Weather
  • Grand Papa Stuff

Well, not much has been written lately about my first and only, perfect specimen of a grandson. But trust me, I don’t stop talking about him and I don’t stop sharing updated videos and pics. I will attach a few at the conclusion of this post.

I just felt that there are great posts out there and anything I would write would be already said. So, I decided to hold off and stress items that would be specific to my life experience, yet connects to those that would read. I will get back to the series “Toxic Church Members” soon. So for a few days, I have some touching moments I had on my recent road trip.

Be patient with me. Keep checking back. And know my desire is to be a blessing and a challenge to all my readers.

Tomorrow – a Badlands NPS memory that brings tears to my eyes.

Today – pics that bring joy to my eye … even when he eats dirt …





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