Monday Music


And with the opening line, this song grabbed my heart.

Have you ever seen a YouTube/VEVO music vid and it just connected? The scenery, the visual dynamic, the lyrics? This past week, I came across a song that is just over a year old, but I don’t recall seeing it. I remember the song, but never paid attention to it till I saw it.

I showed it as the opener for worship this past week … and many thought it was me singing. I wish. He may have the beard like me, hair of similar style and color, and dress like me – but it ain’t me on the video. I wish … I wish I had that talent, I wish I was there where he was (Monument Valley? Utah? California?), I wish I had written the song! 

But I am living the song. The truths I proclaim. The reality of my life (and your life too probably) is so real. And the conclusion … 

(Where You lead me, I will follow)
On this desert road
(Wherе You lead me, I will follow)


Desert Road by Cain and Casting Crowns


I don’t wanna write this song
I don’t want this pain to be my story
I don’t want this desert road
Are You sure this is the plan that You have for me?
Out here in the dust and clay
God, if there’s a bigger picture
It’s gettin’ hard to see today
But I know that You won’t leave me here


I don’t know where this is goin’
But I know who holds my hand
It’s not the path I would’ve chosen
But I’ll follow You to the end
Lord, as long as I am breathin’
I will make Your glory known
Even if it means I’m walkin’ on this desert road


(Where You lead me, I will follow)
On this desert road
(Wherе You lead me, I will follow)

Verse 2

You got my attention now
I was doin’ thе talkin’, but now I’m listenin’
This is where my hope is found
Knowin’ life is hard, but You’re still with me]
I’m not out here on my own]
You are close to the broken-hearted
‘Cause You’ve already walked this road
And You’re gonna finish what You started

CHORUS repeat


As you lift my head, I see
(Where You lead me, I will follow)
So many desperate souls in need
(Where You lead me, I will follow)
I’ll walk with them as You walk with me
(Where You lead me, I will follow)
You’re the livin’ water to the thirsty

CHORUS repeat & TAG

(Where You lead me, I will follow)
On this desert road
(Wherе You lead me, I will follow)


Wilderness. Desert Road. Dusty miles of clay to travel.

Life is hard – but I am not out here alone. You have been here before. You are here right now with me – I am not alone.

And neither are you.

Listen and enjoy. Here is the link.





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