Trust You? Why Should I?

How do you know you can trust someone? I mean, promises are made and broken all the time - politicians, friends, even to ourselves. I mean how many times have I promised myself I will exercise more, only to stay under the covers after ignoring the phone alarm? In this journey of life, I hope... Continue Reading →

Jesus, Bring New Wine Out of Me

A while back, this song came into my life. Through it’s simplistic words, I am comforted and challenged. In its melodic tone, I am calmed and stirred to action as well. It is a statement of desperation that life is crushing in on me. It’s a worshipful cry of surrender. It’s a plea for God... Continue Reading →

He Ain’t Heavy

Sometimes a song sticks in my head. You know what I mean. It keeps playing on a loop and I find myself humming, singing, and even skillfully playing my Les Paul air-guitar to the shocked looks of those nearby. All this happens with the music not being heard anywhere else but inside my head. For... Continue Reading →

The Church Bells All Were Broken

It's a line from the Don McLean's classic American Pie. ... but not a word was spoken .... the church bells all were broken This is a great, yet tragic song. Tragic not only in the event that prompted the song, but tragic in this line. Why was there silence? Why were church bells broken,... Continue Reading →

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