Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?

It happened at age 14. The song stuck and it’s in my head all the time. They say that ones favorite music style is set around age 14. In that year, it was Paul McCartney and Wing’s Silly Love Song. The opening lines ... You'd think that people would have enough of silly love song.… Continue reading Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?

A Story in Song … That Spans Eternity

Worship Wars ... this is a phenomenon that will not be settled this generation, nor any coming generation. The style and tempo and tunes of the music we use in worship are somethings we love to sit around and talk about (a nice way to say we demand our specific desires of song style.). I… Continue reading A Story in Song … That Spans Eternity

Offensive Church Signs … Just a Thought

I live in a small town that is the home place of a very historical event. Just a few miles from my front door is the location where Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. A National Historical Park, Appomattox is one of several US locations that will always have Civil War… Continue reading Offensive Church Signs … Just a Thought

Yesterday … All My Trouble Seemed So Far Away (Our Story Through Music)

We all have experienced it ... yes, even you. That emptiness within us that longs for purpose, that void as if not all the pieces are in place, that question of what is this all about (and often the question is left unanswered). We try to fill that void with so many things ... possessions,… Continue reading Yesterday … All My Trouble Seemed So Far Away (Our Story Through Music)