Needing a Reset … Get Back In Sync

It was a dark and stormy night. The thunder and lightning went pop. And the power was gone. So the story began. But the point is what took place after the storm. And with that, most of the clocks were out of power and thus reset to midnight. Newer ones fixed themselves once power was restored, but there is that older one next to the bed that dates back a bit – and it can be a pain to reset. My wife kept telling the clock’s correct time, “I want you back.”

For two nights, it had the wrong time. My girlfriend (who is also my wife) struggled to reset it, so I figured it’s gonna be me who had to to take care of it. I grabbed the clock, played with the buttons, and wallah – time is back to were it should be.

Sometimes our inner clock gets off after a stormy time in our lives. The struggles and pains keep tearin’ up my heart. And because of that, we need to know what to do. This I promise you, if you do nothing – you will continue to be all out of whack. So take time to get back in sync.

God loves you. He desires for us to be in right relationship with Him. And if you think you’ve messed up too much; well, just don’t tell me that – for we’ve never gone beyond the limits of His grace. His love comes with no strings attached.

So get back to Him and take time to reset your lives.

So for now, Bye Bye Bye


I hope you got the point and the underlining concept – enjoy this top ten list






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