Mid-Week Takeaways

The Democratic National Convention is under way. I can’t turn the TV on, skim social media, or look at news alerts without seeing takeaways. But this is not that. Not that politics isn’t important, but life seems to carry on no matter what the DNC and RNC are doing. So what are some takeaways from... Continue Reading →

Top Ten … Sibling Snippets

It's a day late ... for both top ten and for siblings. But yesterday (4.10.19) was national sibling day. I've got three and I am blessed. So here are top ten snippets from my noggin of moments that impacted me on my journey. Yes, most memories are with Jon, but he is closest in birth... Continue Reading →


It is Top Ten Day Yeah, Yeah - another insert and delay to Renew Your Mind. But it is the 10th - so it’s Top Ten Day - which I’ve missed the past couple of months. In honor of Walter, I am doing top ten Christian songs. I know many have their own favorites and... Continue Reading →

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