Top Ten … Sibling Snippets

It’s a day late … for both top ten and for siblings. But yesterday (4.10.19) was national sibling day. I’ve got three and I am blessed. So here are top ten snippets from my noggin of moments that impacted me on my journey. Yes, most memories are with Jon, but he is closest in birth order, so I understand that.

I will not share the moments when they got in trouble and I was not … great memories, but way tooooo many memories that prove why I am the favorite, so I’ll let them try to erase those moments from their grey matter. (Me, I will always remember, bwohaha)

These are not in order of importance, just random.

1 … Kristi, who was first born, highly intelligent (almost as much as me, lol), was pretty much checked out by the time I started collecting memories. But there was a time we fought and I hit her elbow with the telephone … I regretted it immediately, but also saw her for the first time as a sister, not one of the brothers that always roughed me up.

2 … Speaking of roughing up. Jon pretty much made a habit, if not a lifetime of letting me know he could knock me out anytime he wanted (not abuse mind you, just big brother using me as punching bag). But there was one time I remember when he had just came home from the hospital having had nose surgery. I asked if it hurt and he said not really, so I punched him in the nose. Three things happened … one was blood, lots of it, two was I ran, quickly, and three was he went back to doctor. I don’t even remember getting in trouble – favorite, remember.

3 … But Jon and I could be friends too, when need be. We were fighting, again, and I picked up the broom and threw it like a spear. It missed but it stuck in the wall. Instant friends to fix the hole before mother got home. She saw it right away. I learned a few things … Jon and I can be best buds for self preservation, I have been general repair work challenged for life (no sheet rock or patching by me), and mom sees everything.

4 … Andy, the first son, kind of lived in his own world. Very passionate and caring for people, but he too threatened me some. But I have two key memories of him … the first is his first sermon. It lasted 7 minutes. But from his call, he has always shown a great preacher and student of the Word.

5 … I also remember his advice he gave before I married Lisa. I was rambling, and asked how do you know if she’s the one. He said, “You don’t know. But once you say ‘I Do’, she is the one.”

6 … There are memories of all of us together. The best was when we went to North Baptist in Wilmington, DE for our father’s retirement. The joy, camaraderie, and the delight I saw in father watching his four kids together in such a positive way. We weren’t the fam that always did reunions, spent lots of time together after we left the roost, or get together for holidays. But I think each of us know, we have each other’s back if need be. The next time all four gathered was for Father’s funeral.

7 … One time all the brothers got together was for mother’s wedding with Blandy. Andy gave her away, Jon started the ceremony, and I finished it.

8 … We siblings also spent time at Grandparents together. I’ll lump these together, from hiking to the ‘big rock’ on the hill behind the house, picking blackberries, stringing green beans, or exploring Roy’s antique shop – how I miss those Mayberry days (literally, it was Mayberry/Mount Airy).

9 … We took few family vacations, but we did have one long trek from northern Virginia to Orlando … to have the Disney World experience (mid 70s) – four kids in the back seat of a Crown Vic – getting there wasn’t half the fun. But it was great. Still have the artistic rendering of me.

10 … How do you end a list that has formed over a lifetime? I will do one I am not sure if it really happened. When we lived in a house near the Chesapeake Bay, all three brothers shared a room (much smaller than I remember on a visit back last year). But it was on the second floor and I remember skiing down the stairway. Cardboard? Mattress? A movie scene in my mind that I pretend happened in my childhood? Do not know. But it brings joy to think we did.

We are all pretty independent. We live apart – and all are pretty more attached to our spouses’ families than the Estes clan. But that’s okay. Father taught that – a bond to spouse and to kids. But we do love and care. We might never do a cruise together, but we are a call away.

How I am so thankful for these three —

I appreciate Kristi for her steadfast love for mother – nightly calls, attention, and more. Her compassion and servant heart for the people of Memphis.

Andy – a father to four girls, something he does with grace and wisdom. I can’t imagine how he does it, for one son has me on my knees a lot. His patience and passion are admirable. As is his recent move to be closer to mother.

Jon – ever the preacher, the evangelist, the adventurer. Also like me, kind of a rolling stone – but we’ve found a niche in our present roles – his in Dubai (population over 2 million) and me in Appomattox (population under 2 thousand).

There is a point we know all of this is temporary in regards to the eternity we spend together.

Thank you Lord, for my siblings.

To Calvin … I am sorry that we gave you no siblings for such a day as national sibling day. But this guarantee you are mom’s favorite.





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