Mid-Week Takeaways

The Democratic National Convention is under way. I can’t turn the TV on, skim social media, or look at news alerts without seeing takeaways. But this is not that. Not that politics isn’t important, but life seems to carry on no matter what the DNC and RNC are doing.

So what are some takeaways from your past week? Here are a few takeaways of my week …

Just eight take away

  • Families are dealing with the emotional angst of sending their kids back to school. Whether first time to preschool, or sending off to college, these moments tug our hearts and bring deep memories to the surface. Thank God we have phone cameras and social media to record these moments.
  • Covid is not going away anytime soon. Our church has had our first few cases of active members. College kids are being sent back home because hundreds of coeds are testing positive. This is not the tests college kids should desire to past.
  • Losing internet isn’t too bad. It made me reopen books, get my dvd/blue ray collection dusted off (binged Alien trilogy over the weekend) , and turn off the iPad a little.
  • There’s very little duck tape and zip ties can’t fix. Yep, I reattached my grill on the car. Duck tape and zip ties.
  • My son is still learning at 30. “Marriage is hard work” … “being an adult is draining” and more. I just want to say “duh!” And I thank a God he’s got a great wife to share his adult world with.

A little rain is good, a lot of rain can be bad. I was caught driving in a flash flood. Rerouted multiple times. Saw bridges and roads flooded over. And lost my temper a little. but this all made me turn my eyes back to the Lord. Hey, I could be in Texas with my son where it’s over 100.

  • Isolation sucks. My mother lives in a home where no one can visit. She is mentally slipping and hallucinating. It’s been almost five months. The phone calls help her, but even those slip away.
  • There’s a power in corporate worship. I watch worship online. I love sitting in a comfy chair and taking it all in. I know some desire the safety of no crowds. But, there’s something about the energy, the warmth, the fellowship, and more of not forsaking the assembling together. I leave so tired yet so refreshed at the same time.
  • I love my wife more this week than last week. Not that last week was bad or anything. But every week is a blessing.
  • God is still on control. Always has been. Always will be.

That’s my Top Ten take aways for my week. I hope you had a good one too.





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