Offensive Church Signs … Just a Thought

I live in a small town that is the home place of a very historical event. Just a few miles from my front door is the location where Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. A National Historical Park, Appomattox is one of several US locations that will always have Civil War memorabilia on the walls, fill local store shelves, and be the discussion at local diners. It’s the bread and butter of some of the local economy, especially after the garment industry dwindled and the local Thomasville factory closed.

L for the end of the Civil War, O has a banjo (credit to Sweeney … father of modern banjo), V has oars signifying local lakes and waterways used for recreation, and E has the railroad which put this town on the map … and I hear all through out the day.

As you cross the county lines, signs remind you of the event with a picture of three guns stacked together and the quote”Where Our Nation Reunited“. Even in our unique LOVE sign, a now cool marketing scheme in Virginia connected to Virginia is for Lovers, the stacked arms is the vertical arm of the letter L.

As you cross the county lines, signs remind you of the event with a picture of three guns stacked together and the quote”Where Our Nation Reunited”.

Where our nation reunited. I wish it was that simple. Years will go by and we still struggle with division … race, politics, economic, religious, ad nauseam. It seems we are a nation more divided than in any recent times. And a local church has made national news with its “America: Love It or Leave It” in lit up letters on their church sign.

Many have asked my input. Being the church has the same name as my last church in Richmond (who are apparently getting calls thinking they are the church that posted the statement), some friends from there call me and ask what Appomattox preachers are doing.

First, let me say, churches and individuals have a right to free speech.

Second, I do love America, but my prayer for America is not that we get bigger, better, and stronger for America’s sake – I want a better nation to be a better platform for freedom so the church can have the platform of freedom to share the love, mercy, and grace of the gospel unencumbered … a society that gives the church a place to shout loud the love of God.

And third, if anything, I want to be known as an agent of unity – not division nor uniformity. I want to be an ambassador of a message that draws people together. A representative of reconciliation … primarily with God, but also with each other. (It’s kind of what all Christians should be doing. See 2 Cor 5.18 … article on that here.)

So go ahead and put whatever you want on your signs; but me, I want mine to point to the cross.

Where our nation reunited. Wouldn’t it be great if Appomattox, or maybe your little corner of America, had the slogan that talked about people reuniting with the God who created them. And instead of the three guns showing surrender, we lift high the cross … showing our surrender. Now that is a sign I would love see really take off.

So I close saying I am going to listen to a little Peaches & Herb today (music from ’78 … because it feels so good! Look it up Gen Y & Z.)

Be blessed and tell someone God Loves them.






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  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    As I was reading this, I thought…”The Cross Of Christ: Where Heaven And Earth Reunited.”

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