Church Business Meetings … Ughh?

iYou hear the stories. You may have sat through a few that got ... spirited. You may have been the one that got ... spirited. Maybe you see it on the church calendar and decide to take that weekend off from church. What is it that makes people dread these church meetings of business and... Continue Reading →

What Comes Next?

((OOPS - did not push post - this is was for 4.26.  Thanks)) Today was a weird day. I started second job. That wasn’t what was weird. It was getting the shirt, hat, and rest of outfit. Then after putting them on, I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. I looked like a... Continue Reading →

Marching to Our Doors! Are You Ready?

It is happening. Thousands are marching. They are headed toward the US Border. People want to get into our country. Can you blame them? We have problems for sure, but I still believe we are blessed beyond measure, and who wouldn’t want some of this. I have read much about this caravan, and yet I... Continue Reading →

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