Church Business Meetings … Ughh?

iYou hear the stories. You may have sat through a few that got ... spirited. You may have been the one that got ... spirited. Maybe you see it on the church calendar and decide to take that weekend off from church. What is it that makes people dread these church meetings of business and… Continue reading Church Business Meetings … Ughh?

Don’t Friend Anybody, Ever … or Not

He was a person who was older than me. He shared from his heart with confidence and fervor. And he told the group point blank ... never make friends there - never ever. Maybe he wasn't so much older then me, but I know I act more childish, oops, I mean childlike. But his directness… Continue reading Don’t Friend Anybody, Ever … or Not

Who’s That Peeking Through My Window?

The other day, at my fav Appomattox breakfast spot - Granny Bee’s - I was talking to one of the morning regulars who said he needed to run by and work on some plumbing. at my house/parsonage. Ned S had contacted him about a slow draining tub. I said this was great, when should I… Continue reading Who’s That Peeking Through My Window?