Who’s That Peeking Through My Window?


The other day, at my fav Appomattox breakfast spot – Granny Bee’s – I was talking to one of the morning regulars who said he needed to run by and work on some plumbing. at my house/parsonage. Ned S had contacted him about a slow draining tub. I said this was great, when should I be there to let him in. He said he had a key. Let me say that again, he said he already had a key. I responded with the question, “Does everybody in this town have a key to my house?” He said probably. Then we laughed.

Now, I know that everybody does not have key. But there is something about privacy, or lack there of, here in this little community. Maybe it is because everybody knows everybody – or that many are related by birth or marriage – or that’s may just be the way heartland America is. I have no issue for I truly have nothing to hide. Well, mostly nothing. I am not super excited if people are found peeking through my windows. But if you were to look at me, I know you will quickly discover I am messed up. I have a messy life … not in a ‘socks on the floor’ type messy (though Lisa is more the OCD one on cleanliness in our house). But my blog is titled Muddy Shoes – and my shoes, your shoes, my life, and your life gets messy. Do we want people to see that or do we try to hide who we really are?

Maybe being in Dallas and Richmond and other metropolitan areas has made me more inclined to being private. I barely knew my neighbors and they were just a few feet away at the apartment complexes.

I once read an article (long ago, don’t know where, don’t ask me to find it) that architecture was changing when it comes to home preferences. Front porches were disappearing and bathrooms are getting bigger. Fences are more for privacy than animal control.

When you hide in your residence, close your blinds to the world, and never interact – how can you help?
How can others know when you need help?

But you know, I kind of like it when everybody knows each other, shows concern for each other, and shares life together. The best place that should be seen is the local church. That should be the way church operates. Not an in your face, nosy, intrusive, or pushy way – but truly concerned and interested. The early church helped those in need. When you hide in your residence, close your blinds to the world, and never interact – how can you help? How can others know when you need help?

People often visit churches and think – Wow, these people have it all together … Or – I could never fit in there, for I feel too messed up. When we really get to know each other, drop the masks and let people in to our real world, we see we need each other.
Privacy can be healthy in some regards, but it can be unhealthy too.

For the next couple of days, I want to explore this. I will share some of my thoughts on privacy in our culture versus our deep desire for connection. Where does technology come in? Where do we draw a line? As I ponder these issues, I invite you back.

See you tomorrow – but online, not peering through your windows. Or will I be?






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