I Was a Sour Patch Kid

We will leave the argument of “did I ever grew up, or am I still a kid today?” to a later date. I’d probably lose that debate. Let’s get to the story ... Sour Patch Kids is a strange candy. Who would name their candy “kids?” It’s like they are making us to be little... Continue Reading →

3 Little Verses

He was a man after God's own heart. The slayer of giants. Musician. Poet. As a young lad, he defended his flock from bears and lions. He was a warrior, leader, and king. But his legacy is tainted by three little verses ... In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out... Continue Reading →

Weeds of Bitterness, Fruit of Forgiveness

Forgiveness and the Root of Bitterness ... Years ago, while on my hands and knees weeding a flower garden at Friendship Baptist, Jim Reese politely and humorously gave me weeding advice. Yeah, not the best at flower gardening ... but I did appreciate his advice. I think the chairman of deacons enjoyed way too much... Continue Reading →

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