Her State is Now Fixed

Today, I write with a burden we all share at some time. I am writing from having lost a loved one. Though this timr is one not unexpected, it still is a time that makes us ponder that which is the next step in our journey. And while this part of our journey may be filled with moments of Muddy, Messy, and Marred shoes … for those that believe and call on the Lord, there is hope, there is forgiveness, there is all things new.

My eldest brother said it in wonderful words that each of us should hear. For you too can know this grace.

From the Facebook page of my brother …

At 3:15 am this Saturday morning, my sister and I stood by the bed of our mom while she breathed her last breath. There was a thought that kept crossing my mind over the next hour or so as we waited for the proper people to arrive and take her body to be prepared for her burial. The thought, “her state is now fixed” lightly embedded itself in my conscience. She was 86 years of age and was loved and respected by many. I loved her. Through all of life’s transitory events, pains, griefs, tears, joys, laughter, surprises, changes, sins and reconciliations, she was and always will be “mom”. Yet now, as I type these words that are inadequate to express the truth, mom is in an unchangeable and eternal place and reality that is beyond description. I know more that I know anything at this moment that she would want me to say to you, “ friend, there is a day, that will be your day to die and face a holy God. Once that day arrives it will eternally be fixed. You will not be able to change it. Jesus was not fearful of addressing people’s deepest and most urgent need. He warned of hell and gave free offers of heaven. We need Him. Our sins have separated us from God and the only reconciler is The Son Of God, who though while we were His enemies, He died on a cross and was raised from the dead, to bear our shame and deserved due judgment. What keeps you from turning from your life of sin to Him who receives sinners?”.

I love mom deeply, beyond expression. I honor her as the mother God ordained for me. But she would tell you that this is not ultimately about her. It is about Christ, her LORD and redeemer. For “ He who has the Son has life, but He who does not have the Son does not have life…”. Come to Him, by faith, that your soul may live and your sins removed fully.

She will be missed. Remember this date, February 5, 2022. For on this date you heard the news of the death of one who belonged to Christ and you also heard the news of how you this Christ can be yours.





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