Youth are Looking for Purpose and Hope … Jesus Offers them Both

Recently, ... “Barna Group researchers revealed that they believe that the 2020 Pandemic will accelerate a loss of faith among the next generation. It seems that we are in a season where youth need to be pursued more than ever by today’s church ...” This was in the opening section of an exclusive interview with… Continue reading Youth are Looking for Purpose and Hope … Jesus Offers them Both

A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

There are some locations whose names just carry a depth of meaning. The Garden of Eden ... where it all began and where we lost paradise. Pompeii ... where nature’s swift and lethal destruction was shown without regard for humanity. Gettysburg ... where the Civil War saw its worst in her bloodiest battle but also… Continue reading A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

Chocolates at Christmas … thank you Germans, again

A little bit of the "magic" of Christmas. By magic, I mean way beyond what we think or dream. A while back, I mentioned the heritage of birthday cakes (look at the entry on my birthday 5.15). And in that writing, I thanked the Germans for their contribution to birthday cake traditions. I enjoyed my… Continue reading Chocolates at Christmas … thank you Germans, again