Will You Take the Vaccine?

Covid madness. Political twists. Billions of dollars in research. Lack of trust in the media. Scientist giving varied answers. How are we to really know what is going on?

So many things are swirling in my mind, so I just wear my mask in public and go about my life. I wash my hands regularly and try to be proactive. Living in a small town kind of helps too. So, as serious as I take this pandemic, I haven’t gotten obsessed about it.

But yesterday, someone asked me directly, “Will you take the vaccine once it is available?

I was speechless, which is weird with me. I thought and thought and then just hemmed and hawed and changed the subject. My mind kept thinking of movies like 28 Days Later and World War Z. After all, Hollywood would never mislead us on such an important issue. Still, doubts remained. To prepare myself to answer this question next time, I went to the authoritative source for information … I googled it.

Various companies. Multiple possibilities. Nanotechnology. Rushed trials (Russia). Forced vaccines (China). Your demographic and geographic setting will determine which vaccine you will probably get. Government oversight (and they never get it wrong (typed sarcastically)), and a national database. (A decent article as Q&A is here.)

Let the End Times conspiracy theories begin.

I still have no answer. Yet, I will continue to investigate the different vaccines, the side effects, the implications, etc. As I ponder all of this … I ask myself what the vaccine actually provides. And here is my answer …

The vaccine provides hope!

Hope is a powerful word, and an even more powerful thing to have in one’s life.

It may seem weak and frail, In the Greek myth, Pandora opened the box she was warned not to open. All the evils and monsters escaped to plague the world.

But one thing remained at the bottom of the box. Weakened yes. But truly wonderful. For what remained was Hope.

... one thing remained at the bottom of the box. Weakened yes. But truly wonderful. For what remained was Hope.

It’s Christmas. Such a great time for us realize there is hope. Hope, real hope doesn’t come in a vaccine, an economic bail out, an elected official. Real Hope has come in the form of a baby, born in humble surroundings, visited by shepherds and magi.

Real Hope has a name … and that name is Jesus.

The question should not be, “Will you take the vaccine, hopefully?” But should be, “Will you accept the real Hope, the hope Jesus brings?”

Post script … great new Christmas song this year by Passion City Church … Check out Hope Has a Name.





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