Will You Take the Vaccine?

Covid madness. Political twists. Billions of dollars in research. Lack of trust in the media. Scientist giving varied answers. How are we to really know what is going on? So many things are swirling in my mind, so I just wear my mask in public and go about my life. I wash my hands regularly... Continue Reading →

Comic Week – When Worlds Collide

So we are stuck inside. Many of us even have brought our office duties to our domicile. Now I’m not a slob, but when two worlds collide (work and family), there is often collateral damage. Rhymes With Orange So we overlap. And we spread out. And we try to adjust. But it’s not easy. And... Continue Reading →

Comics, Culture, and COVID

FOOD ... oh how it calls us to laugh! One of the more interesting aspects of this shut down is our food. Our fav eating spots are closed. The shelves at the grocery store seem to be thinner, and it’s not just toilet paper. And we might even be trying more recipes in our adventures... Continue Reading →

Comedy and Kids and COVID

Sometimes, we get a little insight to our culture from the comic strips. I realize they are done weeks, if not months in advance at times, but the circumstances we are facing often make the time span become smaller so the comic strip can stay relevant. So today, we look at Family Circus and the... Continue Reading →

Comical Insight During a Pandemic

This week I will be sharing some humorous, yet all too real, insights to the human nature from the art world ... specifically, comic strips. Just five days of fun ... and maybe a little wake up call too. Day 1 ... Foxtrot by Bill Amend How far would your kids go, or you, to... Continue Reading →

Purell, Paper Goods & Paranoia

A few years back, while in Dallas, there was a run on gasoline. Lines began to form - blocks long. Prices began to spike. And people began to panic. Now true, a slow moving storm was headed for Houston. And when it hit, it hit hard. but there was never going to be a real... Continue Reading →

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