Friday Fun … choices we have during coronavirus lockdown

All week long I’ve looked at comparisons, or maybe I should shay “choices” we must make during our time of lockdown, quarantine, isolation. Today, I am just going to throw some “A or B” choices to get your thinking … and maybe have a little fun too.

  • Isolation orrrr finally having some alone time?
  • Alone orrrr wondering if the kids will ever go to sleep?
  • Going crazy orrrr getting creative?
  • Home schooling by default orrrr how in the world am I suppose to tutor trigonometry?
  • Two weeks of food supply orrrr another Kroger’s run after you ate everything in 48 hours, including 3 bags of chips, 2 frozen pizzas, a bag of cookies, 2 gallons of ice cream, and more.
  • Realizing you need toilet paper orrrr having 58 rolls in a house all by yourself?
  • Churches are closing down orrrr new churches are popping up in homes, on line, and everywhere around the globe?
  • Can’t go to work, but will still dress for success orrrr it’s PJs all day long, yippee?
  • Can’t go to worship in a building orrrr I get to wear sweats and eat ice cream while I worship at the drive in service?
  • Dress up (at least shirt and hair) for Zoom (Still in your boxers below the waist) orrrr praying for only a phone conference call so you don’t even have to get out of bed?
  • I finally have time and can catch up on binging Jack Ryan orrrr I have how many stations and there is nothing to watch orrrr how many times do we have to watch Trolls?
  • and maybe one more …. I will spend time wasting away on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc etc. orrrr I will get back into the Bible like I have talked about for 16 years?
  • What would you say?

You can waste time all day long. But I think the best use of this time is to get back in the Word. So today, why not pick up a Bible, log on to YouVersion, or listen to the Bible on audio book. You won’t regret it.





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