Comics, Culture, and COVID

FOOD … oh how it calls us to laugh!

One of the more interesting aspects of this shut down is our food. Our fav eating spots are closed. The shelves at the grocery store seem to be thinner, and it’s not just toilet paper. And we might even be trying more recipes in our adventures in the kitchen.

So first it’s Calvin & Hobbes, my favorite comic strip series of all times. the mind of imagination and seeing the world through eyes of endless wonder.

Maybe some of those new recipes just aren’t that … good. Here Calvin sees the food as his antagonist, a very enemy of his taste buds. So the warfare we have at the dinner table may not always be about parent vs child but child vs food.

At our house, I am the cook more often than not. so the battle is my own self with the ingredients. I can’t wait till the restaurants are back to where my stomach can feel normal again.

And another aspect of food during this “shelter in place” is our tendency to eat junk food – a lot quicker than normal. A month supply of chips disappears in a day. I don’t realize how that happens.

Here is a comic piece of art that shows this real life point.

And an extra entry from one of my friends, as he asks about church getting together again …





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