Comedy and Kids and COVID

Sometimes, we get a little insight to our culture from the comic strips. I realize they are done weeks, if not months in advance at times, but the circumstances we are facing often make the time span become smaller so the comic strip can stay relevant.

So today, we look at Family Circus and the point of view from a child. It’s amazing how the children often teach the adults.

Family Circus from

First the prayer for grandma. We need to stay connected and concerned for each person in our circle of friends and family. We need to stay vigilant in social distancing in an awareness of staying safe. And it’s great to remember that senior adults are some of the most isolated during this time. So keep in contact. And let them know that this too shall pass.

The second is that sometimes we do certain protocols but don’t really understand the fullness of those actions. We trust the experts, we follow along, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask questions and try to understand.

What do you see from these comic strips? What have your kids taught you during this time (funny or serious)?





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