Small Town – Big Hearts – a Parade for the Pastor

So my wife is keeping secrets from me. Fortunately, they are not the bad kind of secrets. It was the birthday kind. And more.

Apparently the church was conspiring. In the middle of of the COVID chaos, the congregation was planning a parade of appreciation. Through a secret Facebook page and event, they coordinated a collection of fire trucks, hay trailers, decorated trucks and cars, a gorilla driven convertible, horses, and a motorcycle. Candy was thrown, cards and gifts were given, and I was even showered with vegetables (plastered with more like it.) And of course, bubbles and silly string.

It was a joy to see families out with faces of smiles, hear laughter, sense the joy of fellowship. One person hugged me. So I banished Jack from church for three weeks. (JK)

Virus fatigue is a real thing today. People are starting to venture out and explore. Yes, we remain vigilant. Yes, we respect others’ personal space and level of comfort. Soon, we will be gathering again – maybe done a little differently then 2019. So this parade was just as much for each one here as well as me. But I am so thankful.

Teachers, first responders, care takers , postal workers… heroes one and all. Parents, grandparents, guardians … each one deserving gratitude for how they’ve adapted and cared for little ones.

To whom do you need to say “thank you”? Don’t delay. Maybe not a parade. Start with a text, call, letter.

But a parade, today it was mine. And I say thank you.

And if you see a Jack, run. He hugs.





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