Comic Week – When Worlds Collide

So we are stuck inside. Many of us even have brought our office duties to our domicile. Now I’m not a slob, but when two worlds collide (work and family), there is often collateral damage.

Rhymes With Orange

So we overlap. And we spread out. And we try to adjust. But it’s not easy. And if two people are opposites – like in the TV/Movie The Odd Couple – then the chaos is even more disturbing. Now you may think this is only a result of staying at home, but I think this has been going on since people have been getting married. Two worlds collide and collateral damage results.

Speaking of two worlds colliding, working from home is also difficult when the worker (the adult) is challenged by the one enjoying life (the kids). And the adult is often distracted from their duties to some whimsical delights.

And for a little bit, that’s okay …

So don’t get too obsessed with order, some of us have chaotic desks but a very organized mind. And don’t forget to enjoy this time too. Spending time with kids and enjoying your isolation buddies is okay.

Maybe that’s what you’re supposed to be doing a little more anyway.

And from a friend who also sees art of comics displaying real life. I mean who doesn’t enjoy pajama day at church …





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