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Elmo has an Enemy – or Does He?

He laughs when tickled. He sings in multiple languages. He speaks in a falsetto voice and has illeism (I had to look this up. It means he often refers to himself in the third person.) He is a celebrity and has his own segment, Elmo’s World, on the TV show – Sesame Street. He’s only three and a half years old … and he hasn’t aged a day at all. His name? Elmo. How could this lovable ball of red fur have an enemy?

This supposed grudge spat goes back to 2004 – a 35 second clip from the episode “Elmo feels he’s treated unfairly by Rocco” – where Elmo got irritated with Zoe in an argument over an oatmeal raisin cookie. You see, Zoe made sure his imaginary friend, Rocco, got the last oatmeal raisin cookie. Not only is Rocco imaginary … he is a rock. Elmo seemed irked that the younger Zoe didn’t get that Rocco wasn’t alive. But Zoe wasn’t having any of it. Rocco is real (to Zoe at least.)

Recently, this video was released on YouTube and has had over 7 million views and over 8000 comments. It seemed this grudge match was coming back top life.

To clear all this up, Elmo, through his Twitter account (wow, Twitter lets a 3 year old have an account) … Elmo tweeted “Don’t worry everybody! Elmo and Zoe practiced sharing and are still best buds forever! Elmo loves you Zoe! Ha ha ha!”

Friends do not let little things get between them. Zoe is one of Elmo’s BFFs and a cookie is not going to stop that.

Maybe we need to learn this lesson. We let little things get to us. We get irritated when others don’t see our point of view. We want what we want and others feelings don’t care. And the lessons are …

  • People are more important than things
  • Don’t let small things come between friends
  • In the words of Queen Elsa, “Let it go!”

Elmo was not only the good friend, 20 years later he quickly went public to let everyone know Zoe was still his friend. 

Now the rest of the story …

Elmo went a bit too far. He tweeted, “Has anybody ever seen a rock eat a cookie? Elmo is just curious.”

Oops, the challenge was thrown out there.

Enter a new character into this drama. A real person. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne responds to Elmo’s tweet with his own tweet … “Yes, my friend. This Rock devours cookies. All kinds of cookies … Tell Cookie Monster to move over, cuz I’m coming to Sesame Street to kick (butt) and eat cookies. And I’m almost all out of cookies.”

2022 – Crazy! However, Cookie Monster answered The Rock on his own … “Me say cookie challenge ACCEPTED!!!”

From one cookie lover to another …. I’m glad Elmo and Zoe are cool, but I’m stoked to see where this goes. The twitterworld seems to be backing Cookie Monster. The Rock may have met his match. I’d do pay-per-view to watch this.

Comic Week – Some Fun on Friday While in Lockdown

So we are wrapping up our week of looking at comics and how they give a humorous and honest look of our coronavirus culture. Today, we wrap up with some fun.

We have our dreams that this lockdown will make us very productive …

Pearls Before Swine

But we are more like …

Maybe we can all agree on this …

So, we need good motivation for hanging around the home …

Arctic Circls

And though we can’t have physical interaction, we can be creative about it …

So, enjoy this time and stay positive. Have a blessed weekend.

Penguins, Puns, People and Prayer

You’ve got to keep a positive spin in all of this. So today, I share three things I came across on the web. And being in the web, it has to be true.

Penguins … the Chicago Shedd Aquarium has closed to the public. But it is has opened up its doors, at least the inside doors, to the penguins that reside within. They are now free to roam the building. They seem to hang out at the fish tank. Is it wonder of watching the swimming, or are they thinking lunch? I just don’t want to be the guy who has to clean up after the penguins.

Puns … I read the virus came into contact with Chuck Norris x and the virus had to go into 14 day quarantine.

Puns #2 … I read the World Health Organization has determined dogs can’t get Corona Virus. So the canines are free to play outside. So literally, WHO let the dogs out.

People … if anything, I pray we never lose the importance of ‘people to people’ connections. I understand we need social distancing, that we need to be preventative, and that we need to be proactive in preparing for extended isolation. But, we also need to remember there are some that have no web connections, live alone, and this isolation might be overwhelming.

So today … even if in a self imposed quarantine … take a few moments to reach out by phone. Spend a few minutes to connect. If not quarantined, maybe make some soup for a neighbor who lives alone. Run an errand for a senior adult.

And say a prayer for each person that the Lord lays on your mind.

Smiles, Laughter, Fun – nothing here about the virus

There are too many stories of paranoia, problems, politics and pain. You can’t look at the news or social media without seeing articles on disease, deaths, and social distances. There has to be something better happening.

And Saturday there was – right here in Evergreen – there were 3 hours of smiles, cheers, and little faces of fun. The country shut down basketball, hockey and baseball, but they didn’t shut down billy cars and pinewood derby cars.

Scores gathered to cheer and watch the races down the track. Kids checked in, had their cars weighed and photographed, and had their cars inspected. In a century old sanctuary , now used as a fellowship hall, the echoes of laughter filled the rafters .

And then later, on the legally closed street, older kids mounted their billy cars and then raced down the hill. It was so much fun; and like NASCAR, many were looking for a wipeout – and they didn’t have to wait long.

A few months ago, they rode two cars down the aisle in a worship service. Only a pew cap paid the price in that event. But Saturday, the ditches and a few hay bails paid the price as they occasionally went askew.

After the little kids ended the competition, the big kids got into the fun. Johnathan Garrett had one of the best mishaps of the afternoon. As the local fire chief, I hope he drives the Appo fire truck better then he did the billy car.

  • What this teaches me – there can still be fun during mayhem.
  • One is never too old to have fun
  • Laughter of kids is contagious.

Today, take some time to laugh. The CV19 pandemic shouldn’t stop that.

Be blessed – happy Monday.