Penguins, Puns, People and Prayer

You’ve got to keep a positive spin in all of this. So today, I share three things I came across on the web. And being in the web, it has to be true.

Penguins … the Chicago Shedd Aquarium has closed to the public. But it is has opened up its doors, at least the inside doors, to the penguins that reside within. They are now free to roam the building. They seem to hang out at the fish tank. Is it wonder of watching the swimming, or are they thinking lunch? I just don’t want to be the guy who has to clean up after the penguins.

Puns … I read the virus came into contact with Chuck Norris x and the virus had to go into 14 day quarantine.

Puns #2 … I read the World Health Organization has determined dogs can’t get Corona Virus. So the canines are free to play outside. So literally, WHO let the dogs out.

People … if anything, I pray we never lose the importance of ‘people to people’ connections. I understand we need social distancing, that we need to be preventative, and that we need to be proactive in preparing for extended isolation. But, we also need to remember there are some that have no web connections, live alone, and this isolation might be overwhelming.

So today … even if in a self imposed quarantine … take a few moments to reach out by phone. Spend a few minutes to connect. If not quarantined, maybe make some soup for a neighbor who lives alone. Run an errand for a senior adult.

And say a prayer for each person that the Lord lays on your mind.





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