Dad Jokes – Enjoy Wednesday Wit

None of these are new. Some were taken from BuzzFeed. But most just circulate on the web. Today, I lighten your journey with simple, yet profound wisdom in the form of ... Dad Jokes. Why didn't the vampire bite Taylor Swift? ... She had bad bloodOf all the inventions in the last 100 years, the… Continue reading Dad Jokes – Enjoy Wednesday Wit

52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders

Bad choices, poor planning, and simply not paying attention. The article listed 52. And I have probably done 50 of them. True, many were in the early stages of my hiking journey, but some have happened very recently. Most of these mistakes are common sense errors. Handling the water reservoir wrong ... so it will… Continue reading 52 Hiker Mistakes by Backpacker … and by Worship Leaders