Animals can be Hilarious

Me: I am not a cat person

Facebook: But our algorithm wants to put cat memes on your timeline all the time

Me: Twitter doesn’t treat me this way

Facebook: (Silence)

Me: Okay, maybe I one time liked a pic of the Flerken named Goose from Captain Marvel – the coolest cat in the Marvel Universe.

Facebook: There you go.

Bummer. However, I discovered that Wildlife Comedy has chosen their best comedy pics of the 2019 and some of them just bring a nice smile to my face.

Elmar Weiss
Surfing….South Atlantic Style!

The Bible eludes to angels watching us, learning, and so on – one ponders if they look and laugh at us at times.

Mike Rowe
Deer – What Deer?

The pics came from this website – and you can go there to see the rest of the winners.

And my fav, the way I feel when a great song hits my shuffle play …

Martina Gebert

With all the drama in the world, we all could use a little smile. Just some fun!

Have a blessed day!






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