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  • To the Uttermost

    To the Uttermost

    The book of Hebrews declares the superiority of Jesus – His greatness, His eternal majesty, His Awesomeness (that’s Awesome with a capital A)! And there are several points the author demonstrates … how we should fix our eyes on Jesus, how we are to walk by faith, how we are realize He is the perfect […]

  • The Hero of His Story … Sneak Peek for 10.2.22

    The Hero of His Story … Sneak Peek for 10.2.22

    His story is my story. His story is your story. He had so much potential … created to do great things and to be in close fellowship with the Loving God. But his story took a hard and calamitous turn. He blew it. He messed up. And his bad turn had disastrous consequences. His story […]

  • The Kentucky Derby and NASCAR

    As I sit in my local breakfast shoppe, I listen to the long term locals talking about the Kentucky Derby. Now this doesn’t strike me too odd, there are people around here that raise horses. But this is not the normal crowd I would think to be concerned with horse races, best hats at the […]