Yom Shishi. Sexta-Féria. Paraskevi. Shukravara. Quetzalcoatonal. Kinyobi. All mean the same day of the week ... Friday. TGIF. It's Friday people. Well, I am not sure when you're reading this, but I know when I am writing it. It's also the first day of March; but today, I am talking about Friday. Depending on where... Continue Reading →

Appomattox – Where Grace Was Real

April 9th - a very important day. On April 9th, three years ago, Stephen Douglas Wilson wrote an insightful article on the 150th anniversary of the eventful day at Appomattox where Gen. Lee surrendered to Sen. Grant. It was a a day that set a tone for healing the wounds of division caused by years... Continue Reading →

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