Yom Shishi. Sexta-Féria. Paraskevi. Shukravara. Quetzalcoatonal. Kinyobi. All mean the same day of the week … Friday.

TGIF. It’s Friday people. Well, I am not sure when you’re reading this, but I know when I am writing it. It’s also the first day of March; but today, I am talking about Friday.

Depending on where you live, today may the first day, the fifth day, the sixth day, or even the last day of the week. In one country, Friday is the end of the weekend – not the beginning. That’s a buzzkill.

My brother’s church in UAE used to worship on Friday … they had to relocate so not sure when they Worship now. Probably should check on that. Some churches in USA are starting to offer Friday worships too. I loved going to Chase Oaks in Plano … they kick off the weekend with worship!

The name comes from old English meaning day of Frige … that’s Frige, not fridge. (But I do need to go to Kroger’s to fill my fridge … oh well). Frige is the Germanic goddess associated with Roman goddess Venus. The goddess of love.

But it’s also considered an unlucky day … sailors would not like to begin a voyage on Fridays. Also, Friday the 13th is unlucky if on a Friday. Really? Why not Monday? But a movie called Monday the 13th doesn’t sound scary, does it? Maybe because Friday was often a fast day … and fasting means no food … and no food means I get hungry … how unfortunate.

There’s Black Friday, Good Friday, casual dress Friday, and POETS day. POETS day? Yep. A British modern tradition of leaving early on Friday. It means Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. I figure they like to get an early start on weekend partying.

What all this? Just a little trivia to get you started for weekend. I am like that guy, Cliff Clavin, from Cheers. So I hope you enjoyed this little escapade … and have a great Friday (or Tuesday, if that’s when you get around to reading this). Every day is the Lord’s. I will worship no matter what … even Monday’s.

Details from Wiki.






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