New Schedule for Muddy Shoes

Life is always in transition. Nothing stays the same. And such is the role I am heading in this endeavor. Mondays and Fridays ... the regular witty and insightful tomes you have come to love. Wednesdays ... PastorDude’s Podcast (a MuddyShoes Production). Enlightenment for your ears. So .... Three times a week - with occasional... Continue Reading →

Dad Jokes – Enjoy Wednesday Wit

None of these are new. Some were taken from BuzzFeed. But most just circulate on the web. Today, I lighten your journey with simple, yet profound wisdom in the form of ... Dad Jokes. Why didn't the vampire bite Taylor Swift? ... She had bad bloodOf all the inventions in the last 100 years, the... Continue Reading →


Yom Shishi. Sexta-Féria. Paraskevi. Shukravara. Quetzalcoatonal. Kinyobi. All mean the same day of the week ... Friday. TGIF. It's Friday people. Well, I am not sure when you're reading this, but I know when I am writing it. It's also the first day of March; but today, I am talking about Friday. Depending on where... Continue Reading →

Worship at the Table

Each weekend, I explore a little more of the WOW - ‘Woke on the Wonder’ of worship. This week, it is about being around the table together. Imagine if you will, that worship is like gathering around a table. Now I am not referring to communion - I am referring to just hanging out and... Continue Reading →

A Baby – Yikes and Yippee

It’s a boy and his name is Thomas. A couple of days ago, a special couple and some sweet friends had their first young, wrinkly skinned, human being explode into their life - a life that will never be the same. Or as what I like to call it - God has sent them back... Continue Reading →

People Are Slobs

Get some cheese - for Todd is getting ready for a little whine. Working in the service industry and the quick food service industry - I have come to a clear understanding that there are many people who are complete slobs. Now I am not talking about the kids who spill food, drop fries, and... Continue Reading →

The Man I Remember

Sunday was Father's Day. Many celebrated the day by spending time with their father. My father went home to be with the Lord a while back, and I thought I would share a little about the man I remember. SO if you knew my father, sit back and enjoy some of my memories (and it... Continue Reading →

Off the Wall News

Texas man gets bit by head of Rattler … A man played the role every husband should. He was called into the back yard when his wife said she saw a snake. Armed with a shovel, he took on the Texas vermin and chopped off the rattler’s head. About 15 minutes later, he went out... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Branded – Do You See it?

Today, I had just gotten back to the apartments right after my day job - working at a quick food restaurant that sells magic chicken nuggets peddled by poor spelling cows on billboards and roadsides. (PLEASE NOTE: No where in any of my blogs do I ever tell the name of said establishment. Any presumption... Continue Reading →

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