Worship at the Table

Each weekend, I explore a little more of the WOW – ‘Woke on the Wonder’ of worship. This week, it is about being around the table together.

Imagine if you will, that worship is like gathering around a table. Now I am not referring to communion – I am referring to just hanging out and spending time with people – with a purpose to bring us closer to each other and each one of closer to God. That would be …

What? What would that be? I truly believe It would be part of what God designed the church to do and to be. The church, and worshiping, is not about a place, or a program, or a platform … it is about people. People worshiping the Lord, people growing in grace, people discipling people, people gathering together in homes, in buildings, in the shade of a tree, on a mountain side – anywhere.

So we are to come together and be the Church. Not do church, but be the Church.

Robert Morris, pastor at Gateway here near Dallas, had to change plans for the future of Gateway when his Josh decided to relocate to Austin to plant a new church. Since Austin already has a Gateway under John Burke (another great church), Josh’s church plant will be called ‘The Table’. At first, I thought it was a bit unusual, but now I see it as beautiful.

And here are a few tidbits I have pondered in regards as to church as gathering around the table …

– It is amazing how many verses there are about coming to the Lord, coming to worship, to be fed. John 6.51, 1 Cor 10.4, Rev 2.17, Ezekiel 34.14, Isa 55.2, and Jer 3.15 are just some.

– And the last one is great for leaders, Jer 3.15. The Lord will provide shepherds after His own heart to feed us on knowledge and understanding. Worship leaders have a responsibility to set the table of worship through prayer, planning, study, and whatever means to not only be fed, but to led the worshippers to be fed on knowledge and understanding. Worship ministry is not about telling people where to go, but about leading them as you go there yourself. (Josh Huckabay)

– Each church has a unique style/culture. Just like tables at our homes. Some are formal (fine china, no elbows on the table, quiet, kids elsewhere), some are messy (kids running around, loud, no real leader, etc), some are country, some are cowboy, some are urban, some are self serve, some are spoon fed … you get it. One is not necessarily better than the other – just different.

The Lord will provide shepherds after His own heart to feed us on knowledge and understanding.

– There are some great songs about worship and the table. Check some of these out …

Sidewalk Prophets … Come to the Table — Wow, great song and video.

Zach Williams … To the Table

Chris Tomlin … The Table

Leeland … Carried to the Table. — David kept his oath to Jonathan though Jonathan’s cripple son, Mephiboseth, being carried to the table. So moving how we are broken and need to be brought by others, so we to need to bring others to the table.

Final note: I hope this gives a little richer insight to how and why we gather to worship. Fellowship and be fed this week – with others in the family of God – around the Table.






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