Off the Wall News

Texas man gets bit by head of Rattler … A man played the role every husband should. He was called into the back yard when his wife said she saw a snake. Armed with a shovel, he took on the Texas vermin and chopped off the rattler’s head. About 15 minutes later, he went out to get rid of the snake – but here is the twist. The dead snake’s head latched on to the man’s hand. And since the snake had no control (he was dead after all), it pumped all its venom into the man’s hand. 911 – oh yeah. He has received over 20 some snake bite shots. His kidney still is critical and he has a ways to heal.

Lesson – God has defeated Satan (the Serpent), but Satan still has a dangerous bite.

Russian Photoshops a smile unto Korean Leader Kim Jong Un … When Minister Un met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Un had an awkward look. But Russia put a Mona Lisa type smile onto the picture. Really? Why would this be necessary? And they didn’t even do that great of a job. Were they trying to convince the people their relations were strong, productive, what?

Lesson – Russia not only spreads false news in the USA, but even in their own country. Also, don’t judge a book (or photo) buy it cover. Teens aren’t the only ones concerned with image on selfies.

FBI Agent shots a man – and the man gets free drinks for life … An off duty FBI Agent was doing a backflip at a local bar (crazy dance moves) when a scary event took place. His gun fell out of its holder and accidentally went off. A man in the crowd was shot in the leg. Mile High Spirits has offered the man free drinks for life. Sorry it took a gun wound, but pretty good reward for it.  How many Ginger Ales will this add up to?

Iceman is returning to Top Gun … That’s right fans. Not only will Maverick (who is now an instructor at Top Gun School) return – but Val Kilmer is returning in his role. I know it’s Tom Cruise’s movie – but Kilmer did win the Top Gun trophy. Stoked.

Lesson – No real lesson just super cool.

Today’s totally useless articles brought to you just for fun.






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