A Baby – Yikes and Yippee

It’s a boy and his name is Thomas. A couple of days ago, a special couple and some sweet friends had their first young, wrinkly skinned, human being explode into their life – a life that will never be the same. Or as what I like to call it – God has sent them back to school. I think one of the biggest way God teaches us about Him, life, trust, prayer, struggles, grace, and so much more is by bringing kids into our lives. Kids are God’s way to school us.

Now what do you say to new parents besides congratulations? I want to share some things I want them to know. This is my personal ramblings – not some professional research results – Let’s say ten lessons for a some new parents …

  1. Life has changed forever – get use to it
  2. Sleep when you can, especially early on
  3. Life is no longer only about you, there is now someone who needs you, depends on you, and whose very survival is in your hands
  4. But with that said, you also need to take care of yourself – the airplane rule: in case of pressure loss, put your mask on first, so you can take are of your kids – – – this also applies to taking care of your relationship with your spouse as well
  5. Patience is possible, but expect it to be tried – and then tried again
  6. Read to the them, a lot, like daily, read everything to them (Calvin loved Captian Underpants) but especially the Bible – studies show kids who are read to perform better in school and in life
  7. Live the way you desire for them to live – more is caught than taught
  8. Raise them in the ways of the Lord – this is the key to it all
    –  Love them the way God loves you – Unconditionally
    –  Grace should be at the core of everything – Gracefully
    –  Teach them respect for you and for the Lord – Respectfully
  9. You will experience love at a depth you never thought possible – and this is just a snippet of the love our Lord has for each one of us
  10. You are going to blow it at times, well, a lot of times – you are not perfect, nobody is – so get used to that too – but that’s where grace is learned
  11. EXTRA – Tell him that Pastor Dude is the best pastor ever – so show him my picture often (jk)

So congratulations, you’re gonna be great parents.

Readers – if you have a truths you want to tell them – let us know.



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