Grace … in Your Marriage

Now, I am not sure if I am the person to write this. I have the perfect wife and don’t need to show grace to her for she deserves all the wonder and splendor that could come her way. But on the other hand, I have watched her for years show grace to her husband... Continue Reading →

She’s Back & FB will not be the same!

She’s back online - so you better get ready. No, I’m not talking a power player in Washington or Hollywood. No, I’m not talking a world-wide sports figure. I am talking about Delia Faye Haynes - also known as “Mother” (Mom is Lisa, Mother is Faye). My sister was able to get back east and... Continue Reading →

A Baby – Yikes and Yippee

It’s a boy and his name is Thomas. A couple of days ago, a special couple and some sweet friends had their first young, wrinkly skinned, human being explode into their life - a life that will never be the same. Or as what I like to call it - God has sent them back... Continue Reading →

Prayer For The Unknown

WOW - I got a “Thank you but no thank you, you don’t match our qualifications” letter today - in about 9 hours from the time I sent the CV and Cover Letter. That is the quickest turnaround I’ve had in this time of transition. Sometimes, life doesn’t work out in the time schedule we... Continue Reading →

Lives Touching Lives

First - Thanks for all the shout outs, wishes, funny memes (thank you that none were with cats), crazy photos from my history, phone calls (the one from Caleb Tuck was my best surprise), cards, and all the wonderful thoughts. I tried to respond to them personally, but I may have missed a few. I... Continue Reading →

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