Nomads in my Family Tree … Italian Exiles

I haven't done the I haven't researched extensively the Estes clan through the centuries. But, I do know a little. From what I know, we trace back to northern Italy where we were pretty well off. (There's even a library with our name ... look here). That's also why I probably like pasta and… Continue reading Nomads in my Family Tree … Italian Exiles

She Loooves Me, She Misssses Me

25 years ago, I left Dallas to come to Virginia to serve at a church. For a few months, Lisa stayed in Dallas with our son, Calvin. Today, I came across a letter she sent me. It said that she missed me. Calvin missed me. They stayed up at night watching Barney, reading books, and… Continue reading She Loooves Me, She Misssses Me

Throw Back Thursday … Estes Excogitations

A word from Dr. Robert Estes ... I have a file of some old devotions, newsletter articles, sermons seeds, etc. Today, these would be on the web as blogs, Facebook articles, Tweets, or done up artistically for IG or Pinterest. Me, I have them as a simple document. So, I would like to have a… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday … Estes Excogitations