EXTRA, EXTRA – Special Edition Muddy Shoes

A Young Man Finds a Magical Young Woman

Once upon a time, there was a little boy born into a magical household.

The grandfather was a wizard with words, a type of town cryer that went from town to town spreading hope. He shared good news to people far and wide. He was a wise, learned man that cared for people. His bride, a beautiful field worker, met him early in their life. The first glance took place while he was bringing the harvest into the barn. Her beauty so overwhelmed him, he drove the team of oxen right through the back wall of the barn. Their union was written in the stars.

And from their union, three normal and average towns folks arose, and one extraordinary and annoying little brat – brilliant, but a brat. The other three were jealous. They mocked him, tried to make him believe he was adopted. But this was okay, for he knew that any family would’ve been thrilled to choose him as a child.

Occasionally, the two brothers would beat him. Not maliciously, but he probably deserved it a little. As they grew older, they grew apart. One brother travelled the world. He too was in the business of sharing the message of hope. The other brother had the hardest journey, he had four daughters. He never had a night of peace and always slept with one eye open. The other sibling, the lone sister, moved to the town of the king, nestled next to the mighty river that divided the great nation. She cared for children at the house of Jude, and fed the hungry. Hers was a noble journey.

That left the young precocious boy who became a brilliant young man. He had a creative mind that would bedazzle crowds. He had a sense of humor that made even the crankiest old codger crack a smile. He got the talent of words from his father, though his delivery was more humorous and highly creative. And then one day, he saw a princess with a smile that would melt the heart of any man and calm the wildest storm. It lit up the darkest room and her voice calmed any troubled soul.

They fell in love and got married and something great happened. A little boy was born into this magical family. This boy was blessed with his father’s sense of humor, but cursed with his mother’s delivery of humor. How sad. He had the heart of his mother, one that protected others, a servant that seeks to make others lives better, and a tenderness for those closest to him.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy born into a magical household.

But this young man’s journey will not be one he will trek alone. He too met a magical one … a young woman who steals his breath, stops his heart, and causes his eyes to leak with joy. He knows he never wants to leave her side. She brings out the best in him, listens to his great jokes that are delivered like a hippopotamus in roller skates bringing out your burgers at Sonic.

He cast a spell on her. Put a magical ring on her finger that made resistance futile. She was his, but only because she cast a spell on him first. He couldn’t think right anymore. She knew the magic ring was coming, she even picked it out. And yet the day he gave it to her, it caught her off guard.

These two magical individuals will have a magical journey together. Where will they go? What will they experience? What does the future hold for them? That story is just beginning. But this I know, it will be magical.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy born into a magical household. And he fell in love with a magical partner.





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