She Loooves Me, She Misssses Me


25 years ago, I left Dallas to come to Virginia to serve at a church. For a few months, Lisa stayed in Dallas with our son, Calvin. Today, I came across a letter she sent me. It said that she missed me. Calvin missed me. They stayed up at night watching Barney, reading books, and eating ice cream. Calvin knew I was on a ‘fwip’. She lets him know she talked to me and I am okay. She had to hold him some to keep him calm.

Now 2018, 25 years later, I have left Dallas to return to Virginia. I left Lisa in Dallas with Calvin. I don’t know if they watch Barney any more, and I know he has another woman to hold him and calm him (but more on that later … maybe). But the ice cream is still a thing, for he took her for Sweet Frog on the first day I left.

By the end of the year, Lisa and I are supposed to be back together – and I am literally crossing the days off a calendar. Calvin will stay in Big D – closer to her. Oh a woman’s wiles. (Okay, he’s staying for other reasons, but she’s kind of an added benefit – don’t take that personal if you’re reading this).

Lisa’s challenge was for me to “let them know dedication to God and family, excitement for life, and the way I like to enjoy life. Let my creative juices flow.” I will strive to live up to that here too.

On the letter, she wrote the lyrics to “I’m Committed to You” by Steve Camp.

Every time I fall on my face
I need your mercy
Every time my words drift out of place
I need your love around me, yeah

Everywhere I go, it’s good to know
This thing’s forever
And through the times of doubt, we work it out
We stay together
You took my heart in yours
We never looked back and this one thing’s for sure

I’m committed to you, baby
I’m committed to you, baby
We are one love with so much to give
We are two lives with one love to live
We got a love so true
I’m committed to you

When the winds of change blow through our hearts
We won’t be shaken
And though the world tries to tear us apart
We won’t be taken, hey
When we go through the fire and don’t want to try
I will believe in you
And when forgiveness takes a long, long time
I’ll never leave you
We both learned from our past
We made a vow that our love’s gonna last
SOOOOOO … Lisa, I return these words to you – I am committed to you, baby

See y’all back tomorrow.

Final Word – You know why Texans say Y’all? They don’t like the letters OU!!






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