She’s Back & FB will not be the same!

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She’s back online – so you better get ready. No, I’m not talking a power player in Washington or Hollywood. No, I’m not talking a world-wide sports figure. I am talking about Delia Faye Haynes – also known as “Mother” (Mom is Lisa, Mother is Faye). My sister was able to get back east and spend some time with Faye. And it is good to know that she re-set up her tablet and got her back on her Facebook account. Wohoo. I realized this when I got a friend request. Like she had to ask this of her favorite son – duhh, of course I accepted.

Seniors are a growing percentage of social media users and Facebook seems to be the preferred platform. Here are some interesting stats …

  • Users over 75 has doubled in the past year.
  • They are less savvy online and thus more vulnerable to scams – fortunately FB is trying to help with this. Simple things such as identifying sponsored links is harder.
  • 48% of boomers have an account and 41% of those over 75 do too.
  • Though more connected than ever, they spend less time online per week. Seniors use about 15 hours per week as compared to 32 hours per week for ages 16-to-24.
  • Seniors experience is rated more positive and report less occurrences of offensive material.

As younger users migrate to SnapChat and Instagram, they still stay connected somewhat on FB. So how do we help seniors get the best out of FB? Here are three suggestions from the blog that will help users engage better with seniors …

  • Tell them what you want them to do. If you want likes, hearts, shares – tell them. Be clear and patient. Links may be harder to follow. I know my blog goes to Twitter and from Twitter to FB – sometimes it is a double link. So if they express issues, make sure it is clear on what is needed/desired.
  • Use clear pictures. Don’t go all artistic or extreme on the filters. Seniors prefer clear and easily understood imagery.
  • Offer value in your content. Don’t just share to share. I know images of areas they care about are valued – church, civic group, family, etc. I know my mother loves pics of her kids and grandkids. She got a link to a video put together by Jon and his ministry in Dubai. These are greatly valued. Add recipes, health tips, and such.

These are just a few items to ponder. But bottom line … we all probably have a senior adult on FB and we need to take advantage of this. Churches, families, close friends – what a powerful tool to stay connected. And isn’t that what Zuckerberg had in mind?

Mother – I am glad your back online. And I will send more pics of your favorite son more and more – for I know you value that!

Links about seniors on Facebook –  Stats3 Suggestions







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