People Are Slobs

Get some cheese – for Todd is getting ready for a little whine.

Working in the service industry and the quick food service industry – I have come to a clear understanding that there are many people who are complete slobs. Now I am not talking about the kids who spill food, drop fries, and don’t know any better – nor am I talking about accidental messes. I am talking about leaving trash on the tables, gunk in booths, and grinding in food on the floor – I am talking about trashing hotel rooms like it’s the set of wrestle mania, smoking (in non-smoking hotels) and leaving cigarette butts all over, letting pets mess up the room, and basically trashing it to where the housekeepers probably feel they should have on hazmat suits.

How can people mess stuff up in such a short amount of time?

Now I am not a neat freak – just ask Lisa. I can be a bit relaxed when it comes to making sure shoes are put back, or the bed is made to showcase model appearance, or that dirty dishes are always washed promptly. I almost got fired once for not putting the ones in the same direction (true story) – so now I specifically refuse to put the bills in the same way. Such a rebel.

Wait – this is not going where I originally thought.

Okay, I had a different thought process when I started this post. I was going to talk about showing grace. I was going to emphasize that we can be representatives of God as we show kindness, patience, and thoughtfulness. But, now I realize that while those should be true, what is more clear to me now is that I need grace, especially His grace – I need His patience – I need His long suffering.

I am a messy person – like Pig Pen from Peanuts. I may not be destructive, but I do leave a little mess wherever I go. And then I remember the title of this blog – Muddy Shoes. Life gets really messy.  I should not point out the speck in others eyes ‘till I handle the log in my own eye. And neither should you.

And no matter how messy I am – God still loves me – Completely.  So I too should show love to messy people.

So tomorrow – I will be kinder, have more patience, and help others out. And at home, I will be better for Lisa.

What just happened – I just schooled myself. I wonder what I will teach myself tomorrow.

I hope you learned too.







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